What is Digital Smile Design 

Bond St. is proud to be one of four Digital Smile Design practices in Australia. DSD is a treatment planning concept that originated in Brazil by Dr. Christian Coachman. It involves the use of digital photos and technology to plan and design dental work that may change the appearance of a patient’s smile and then allow patient to see what their new smile will look like before any work is started. DSD also allows for patients to co-design their smile, as changes to the treatment outcome can be made prior to any treatment beginning. One of the best parts of DSD is the accuracy of the finished product- With the combination of photos, dental scans and our DSD technology, we can produce simulated results that look nearly identical to when the treatment is finished! 


Who is DSD for?

DSD planning is used for any treatment plans involving multiple crowns, veneers, implants, and gum recontouring. Because DSD shows our patients the possibilities of cosmetic treatment, we use DSD technology for those seeking smile makeovers. Your smile is unique to you, so when we are making any changes to your front teeth, its important that you are part of the planning process.  

Patients that present with the following dental conditions can also benefit from DSD:

  • Dental erosion – Dental erosion is a thinning of the enamel, mainly from acid, which can make the teeth appear very worn, translucent, or discoloured. When it presents on the front teeth, it can be very noticeable and concerning to a patient. DSD can show you different treatment options that help protect the eroded teeth and improve the thinned look of the teeth.
  • A ‘gummy’ smile – Sometimes patients are concerned that they show too much gum when they smile. In this case, we may be able to contour your gums and can show you through DSD what the results can look like!
  • Discoloured or stained teeth that cannot be fixed by whitening – in this case, DSD is a great option as we can show you alternative treatment options that can hide the discoloured or stained teeth. 
  • Worn teeth- Worn down teeth can change the look of your smile and your profile over time. DSD can show you what your smile would look like if that wear was restored!
  • Crowding of teeth or too much space between teeth – there are many options to treat crowded teeth or spacing between. 


What is the DSD process?

Step 1: At your first DSD consultation your dentist will ask you about your desired smile, as well as your likes and dislikes about your existing teeth. The more detailed you can be about what you are looking for, the clearer your process and outcome will be.

Step 2: Your teeth are scanned with an intraoral scanner, and photos and videos are taken of your teeth.

Step 3: Your images and data is then uploaded into a computer so that your dentist can get a 3D view of your mouth. This allows them to plan out the various treatment solutions appropriate for you, using specialised software that considers your unique facial and dental proportions.

Step 4: Using the DSD software, your dentist can prepare a simulation of how your smile will look once treatment is completed, giving you a better idea of the results. Your new smile is designed to be in harmony with your teeth, gums, lips, and movement of your facial features when you show emotion. This stops your teeth from looking ‘fake’ or unusual on your face.

Step 5: Receive your treatment plan with full costs breakdown for you to sign.

Step 6: Treatment commences. The number of visits and waiting times depend on the treatment selected.

Step 7: Once treatment is completed, the feeling of your newly repaired teeth and smile will be familiar as you already knew what to expect, happy smiling!


What are the benefits of DSD?

  • Patients can see what their new smile will look like before the procedure even starts! This helps to relieve the anxiety one can have when making any changes to their smile.  
  • Patients and their dentist are on the same page as to what the treatment outcome will look like. 
  • Only once patients are satisfied with their proposed smile, do we proceed with treatment.
  • The Accuracy of our final treatment results. 


How much does DSD cost?

We offer complementary DSD consultations for all new and existing patients. This includes your examination, dental scans and photography of your teeth and face. Once we gather this initial data, we can use DSD to create a visual smile simulation and present it to you in a second complementary consult. It is extremely important to us that we work with our patients to create a smile that addresses their concerns. It is only once a patient decides to proceed with any treatment that there are any costs involved.  These costs are discussed with you at the consultation appointment.