Sleep dentistry and nervous patients

It’s okay. We understand that not everybody loves dentistry as much as we do. Bond Street Dental can help.
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We are pleased to offer sedation and sleep dentistry in our purpose-built day surgery.

We understand. Some patients battle serious nerves or discomfort when it comes to dentistry, and require a higher level of sedation. At Bond Street Dental, we provide several options:

  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation
  • Intravenous Sedation
  • General Anaesthetic

Nitrous Oxide Sedation – Inhalation sedation (laughing gas)

Also referred to as Relative Analgesia, RA, Happy Gas, Gas & Air, Nitrous, or N2O. Nitrous Oxide sedation, put simply, is a gas that you can safely breathe in. It has no colour, no smell and doesn’t irritate.

Depending on the dose (professionally administered and managed by your dentist), four separate levels of sedation might be experienced.

  • Tingling, especially in the arms and legs, or feelings of vibration/parasthesia
  • Warm sensations
  • Feelings of well-being, euphoria, floating. During heavy sedation hearing may dissolve into a constant electronic-like throbbing
  • At a deeper level again, patients may experience sleepiness, or have difficulty keeping their eyes open and/or speaking.
  • At a deeper level again, sleepiness, difficulty to keep eyes open and/or speak.

Intravenous or Twilight Sedation

A mild dose of general anesthesia, where the patient is not unconscious yet is sedated. The patient is under ‘a twilight state’ where the patient is relaxed and ‘sleepy’ but remains able to follow simple directions by the doctor and is responsive. Generally, twilight anesthesia means the patient retains no memory of the surgery or the time immediately after.

This form of sedation is performed under the medical supervision of our specialist anaesthetist.

General Anesthetic

Under the medical supervision of our specialist anaesthetist, Dr Danny Raiz, a patient is placed in a medically induced coma (as per a hospital surgery), and is unconscious for the duration of the procedure.

Bond Street Clinic has all the equipment you would find in a hospital, available on site to ensure your safety throughout the procedure, and general anaesthetics are supervised at all times by a specialist anaesthetist.

In other words, yes, we cater for nervous patients.

Bond Street Clinic’s purpose built facility allows patients who feel the need to have their chosen dental treatments while under sedation or complete general anaesthetic.

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