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Are Fixed Dentures Right For Me?

26 Mar 2021

Deciding on the right teeth replacement solution for your lifestyle, budget and timeframe can feel overwhelming. Perhaps you're facing the prospect of losing teeth, are wearing dentures you aren’t happy with, or are planning future dental treatments and aren’t quite sure where to start.

If you’re considering teeth replacement, fixed dentures could be your ideal solution.

But what are they? And how can you know if they are the right choice for you?

What are fixed (implant retained dentures)?

When a dentist talks about fixed dentures, they’re using a general term that describes any denture that is held in place in your mouth with dental implants. These implant dentures can either be:

  • Snap-on dentures (overdentures)
  • All-on-4® protocol

Unlike removable dentures that sit in your mouth and can slip and move around, fixed dentures are placed using dental implants that are completely secure. These implants support a full or partial row of your new teeth for a complete, immediate and permanent smile transformation.

What’s the difference between overdentures and All-on-4®?

Overdentures are a type of denture that sits more securely on your gums than traditional dentures but are still removable. Using special attachments, the bridge which your new teeth sit on snap onto the permanent dental implants that have been placed by your dentist. This is why you may have heard them referred to as ‘snap-on-dentures’.

However, the All-on-4® protocol is a fully fixed teeth replacement solution that’s considered the gold standard for anyone who is missing or about to lose teeth. Four top-quality Nobel Biocare implants are used to secure porcelain teeth in place, making them almost impossible to tell apart from natural teeth. As well as completely restoring functionality, All-on-4® can be placed without the need for painful or expensive bone-grafts that can take months to heal. You could have your new smile in as little as 1-2 days.

Problems with removable dentures

In the past, removable dentures were the only option available for people who were missing or about to lose their teeth. And while there have been improvements over the years, removable dentures still come with issues that many wearers find problematic, including:

  • They come loose and slip when talking
  • Taking your dentures in and out contribute to bone loss in the jaw
  • The structure of your face isn’t as supported
  • They are difficult to keep clean
  • Eating certain foods is hard, meaning you may have to give up some of your favourites
  • They feel clunky in the mouth
  • They’re prone to causing mouth infections

Benefits of fixed dentures

The reason fixed dentures are so highly sought after is that they provide many wonderful benefits for the wearer—as well as address many of the issues of removable dentures. These include aesthetics, functionality and improved oral health.

Reduce bone loss

One of the more unfortunate side effects of tooth loss is that when the jawbone is not supported by teeth it can lose volume and create a sunken and unhappy appearance. However with fixed dentures, because the jaw is supported with dental implants, the structure and integrity of the face and jawbone remains, creating a more youthful appearance.

They look and feel just like real teeth

When placed by an experienced dentist using high quality materials, it’s almost impossible to tell fixed dentures apart from real teeth. This is because fixed dentures can’t move around in the mouth, and can be colour matched to look completely natural.


One of the downsides of removable dentures is that they are inconvenient. As well as requiring rigorous cleaning, they’re clunky and can easily be misplaced or broken. With fixed dentures, you can enjoy all the conveniences of natural teeth. Cleaning and flossing is a breeze, and you can go about life with confidence and convenience.

Enjoy your favourite foods again

Never say no to your favourite foods again. One of the benefits of fixed dentures is that once you are comfortable in your new teeth, you can eat all the wonderful foods that you couldn’t with missing teeth or removable dentures.

Talk normally, almost instantly

While it may take a few days to get used to new fixed dentures, unlike removable dentures, they never slip or move around in your mouth, meaning you never have to worry about problems with your speech.

Avoid mouth sores

Due to friction in the mouth, removable dentures can lead to painful mouth sores and other oral health problems. Because fixed dentures work just like natural teeth, you can avoid the uncomfortable feeling of clunky dentures and any accompanying problems.

Why choose All-on-4® for your fixed dentures

The All-on-4® protocol is considered the gold standard in permanent fixed dentures. Not only do they create a beautiful, natural smile with completely restored functionality, but unlike many other fixed denture options, you may even be able to receive your new smile on the same day as your implant surgery.

Because All-on-4® only requires four Nobel Biocare implants to secure your new teeth,
The process of receiving and taking care of them is often far more comfortable than the alternatives.

Over 150,000 people have received All-on-4®, with almost all of them satisfied with the transformative effect it’s had for their confidence and quality of life. Imagine how you would feel to smile with confidence again?


Discover All-on-4® at Bond Street Dental

At Bond Street, we are proudly leaders in the All-on-4® protocol, performing more treatments than any other clinic in Melbourne. A pioneer in the All-on-4® technique, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care using the latest technology.

From your initial consultation to the day you leave the clinic with your beautiful and fully functioning new smile and beyond, you will be completely supported by our expert team who understand the investment you’re making in your health and happiness.

If you’d like to learn more about All-on-4®, join us for one of our no-obligation virtual information evenings where you can meet Dr Benge and ask him any questions you may have about treatment in a relaxed and informal setting.

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