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Keep on top of the latest updates from the team at Bond St, and discover the depth of our services and knowledge about your dental well-being.

What is a Root Canal?

16 Mar 2021 Each week Dr. Larry Benge discusses dental health with Steve Price. In this interview Dr. Benge talks about Root Canal.

Alternative To Bone Grafting – Zygoma

15 Mar 2021 Depending on the outcome of your diagnostic x-rays, extra long dental implants may be offered in cases where the amount of bone available in the upper jaw in insufficient.

Why Bond Street Dental

15 Mar 2021 From cutting edge technology and designs through to the correct teachings for procedures such as the All-on-4® implants.

Is Zoom Whitening right for me?

15 Mar 2021 Teeth discolour for various reasons such as; age, tooth decay, amalgam fillings, excessive fluoride, tooth abrasion, medications, tartar and surface stains. Surface stains such as tea. coffee, red wine and smoking can generally be removed by a visit to your hygienist.

Why Women Over 50 are Choosing Digital Smile Design

15 Mar 2021 There has never been a greater time in history to be a woman over 50 in Melbourne. Women are living longer, in fact, Melbourne has the longest life expectancy in Australia, and our quality of life has improved. We have begun to understand, as a nation, that as we look after our physical and emotional health and well being, we can see a direct result in the longevity and quality of our lives.

Top 15 Mobile Apps For Healthy Living

15 Mar 2021 As of 2018, 88% of us in Australia owns a smartphone, according to the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey. That number is growing all the time. In fact, there are more mobile phone contracts than there are people in Australia, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Communications.