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We’re Open for Emergency Dentistry

12 Mar 2021 Bond Street Dental in South Yarra, Melbourne is open and treating patients experiencing dental emergencies such as toothache, wisdom teeth pain, gum disease and dental trauma.

How long do dental implants last?

12 Mar 2021 Dental implants are comprised of 3 different parts. These include the titanium post, the porcelain tooth and also the porcelain abutment (the abutment is screwed onto the post and holds the porcelain tooth in place). The titanium post can potentially last an entire lifetime whilst the porcelain tooth and abutment may last anywhere from 6 to 25 years.

Thinking of getting dental implants? Here’s what you need to know

12 Mar 2021 So you have decided to get dental implants and make an appointment at Melbourne’s most reputable clinics: Bond Street Dental.

5 reasons why you should replace missing teeth

11 Mar 2021 Nobody wants to lose a tooth… but people do every day. If you have lost a tooth, or have multiple missing teeth, its best to act quickly…

What to expect during your appointment with our dental hygienists

11 Mar 2021 Hygienists are clinically trained dental professionals who focus on maintaining optimal gingival (gum) health and prevention of dental conditions such as decay and erosion. They are an integral part of our practice philosophy in working with all of our patients. They carry out professional dental cleaning and educate patients in ways to improve and maintain good oral health.

What type of veneers are right for you?

11 Mar 2021 If you are motivated to improve your smile, dental veneers can provide an exciting and simple solution.