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Keep on top of the latest updates from the team at Bond St, and discover the depth of our services and knowledge about your dental well-being.

Meet our Digital Smile Design Team

15 Mar 2021 At Bond Street Dental, we have committed to invest in the Digital Smile Design (DSD) system to provide our patients with the absolute highest quality innovations in smile design. Our team members are trained in the DSD Concept, having completed intensive and comprehensive instruction, making our practice one of the few DSD clinics in Melbourne, and indeed, Australia.

Root Canal: What to Expect

15 Mar 2021 What is a root canal? A root canal treatment is required when a patient suffers from an infection inside the pulp/nerve of a tooth, an area that is also known as the root canal system.

Debunking the myth of whiter teeth with activated charcoal?

15 Mar 2021 In recent years, activated charcoal has appeared on the market as a popular teeth whitening ingredient. It is promoted as a natural alternative to peroxide for removing food stains and whiten discoloured teeth - but does it work and is it safe?

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Types and Removal

15 Mar 2021 Wisdom teeth, otherwise known as third molars, erupt in the back four corners of the mouth, usually between the young adult ages of 17 to 21.

i-Cat 3D X-Ray Machine

15 Mar 2021 Bond Street Dental features a variety of first class tools for both diagnosing and operating.

Wisdom Teeth Giving You Pain?

15 Mar 2021 Each week Dr. Larry Benge discusses dental health with Steve Price. In this interview Dr. Benge talks about why it’s important to address problems with your wisdom teeth.