An x-ray machine is used in many aspects of dentistry. It is used to diagnose pathologies that hide beneath the surface, so a lot of patients will encounter the x-ray machine during their dentist visit. When a dentist takes an x-ray of your mouth, he will have to leave the room. While the radiation from an x-ray machine is not harmful to you, it can be harmful for the dentist, since he uses the machine multiple times daily. However, the radiation of the x-ray machine won’t influence you, since you only come in contact with it for a short time. Therefore, the use of this machine is perfectly safe for diagnosis purposes.

The x-ray machine available at the Bond Street Dental Clinic is an advanced one, because our x-ray machine is 3-dimensional. Having a 3D machine in our dental clinic has many advantages, because opposed to a 2-dimensional x-ray machine does not show all sides of the problem. 3D gives a dentist or other medical professional a much better insight into the underlying pathology, which enables them to create a more fitting treatment plan for the patient. Do you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of the 3D x-ray machine? Feel free to contact the Bond Street Dental Clinic for more information.