Wisdom Teeth Removal

For expert wisdom teeth removal, Bond Street Dental has experienced surgeons and a state-of-the-art surgical theatre.
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The arrival of wisdom teeth often causes issues in an evolving young mouth. Technically, a ‘wisdom tooth’ is the third molar in the dentition, and often becomes impacted because of a lack of space in the dental arch. Gum, bone, another tooth or all three may stop the wisdom tooth from being able to break through or find room.

This lack of space occurs because our jaws have become smaller through evolution and with preventative dentistry, good oral hygiene and diet, teeth are not lost due to decay as frequently as in the past.

The most common reasons for removing wisdom teeth are:

  • Decay
  • Gum infection
  • Pressure pain
  • Orthodontic reasons
  • Prosthetic reasons
  • Cyst formation

At Bond Street Dental, we would start with a consultation to consider the status and potential impact of looming wisdom teeth, potentially with necessary x-rays.

If the wisdom teeth require surgical removal, our experienced team of dental surgeons will be brought into the discussion.

At Bond Street Dental, you can opt to have your wisdom teeth removed under local anaesthesia or general anaesthetic.

If you’re concerned that you don’t have Hospital Cover on private health insurance, you can relax. We have state-of-the-art surgical theatres and an available anaesthetist right here at Bond Street.

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