Tooth-coloured Fillings

The day of big silver chunks of metal in your mouth are gone. At the Bond Street Dental Clinic, we use tooth-coloured fillings because they are strong, durable and look like natural teeth.
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Welcome to the world of tooth-coloured fillings. There are several types.

Composite fillings:

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Mainly used to restore a chipped tooth or for composite veneers, composite resin fillings are available in various shades and are bonded to the prepared tooth to match your own tooth.

This procedure normally takes one visit.

Porcelain fillings or inlays and onlays:

Technically, we call these CEREC fillings (designed by a computerized unit which produces porcelain restorations). The restoration looks like a natural tooth, is extremely durable and fits precisely. Unsightly amalgam fillings can be replaced with CEREC restorations in one visit.

Why have tooth-coloured fillings?

Tooth-coloured fillings are a great alternative to traditional metal dental fillings due to the fact they blend in with your teeth, as the old silver-coloured fillings never could, so that it looks like you haven’t got fillings.

The materials used for tooth-coloured fillings are extremely strong and durable, as well as creating a natural-looking smile.

Tooth-coloured fillings are useful for reshaping disfigured teeth.

Tooth-coloured fillings can restore your natural smile, especially if they replace some older metal fillings. However, some patients may need additional services to restore their beautiful smile, for example if a patient suffers from crooked or chipped teeth. In these cases, patients can still benefit from the dental services at Bond Street Dental, because our team is also qualified and equipped to perform cosmetic dentistry treatments such as dental implants, porcelain crowns, veneers and other cosmetic dentistry treatments needed to restore the smile of a patient.

Patients can come to Bond Street Dental to get a detailed treatment plan, which is used to restore their smile. Patients can benefit from a smile enhancement appointment, but also the cosmetic analysis. During such appointments, our dentists and oral surgeons will evaluate your dental health, but also take impressions to draft a treatment plan that is as accurate as possible. The treatment plan will also include the estimated cost of your treatment, so there are no surprises down the line. Do you want more information about smile enhancements or the cosmetic analysis? Please head over to the dedicated information pages about these services, or contact our team if you prefer to speak to someone in person. The Bond Street Dental Clinic can be contacted by telephone during office hours, but also via email or website form outside office hours.

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