Cosmetic Analysis

Before cosmetic dental work, our Bond Street Dental professionals will require a cosmetic analysis. This consultation with one of our dentists is the first step to address your situation and discuss your options.
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Your cosmetic analysis appointment may include:

  • Evaluation of your health, teeth, gums and surrounding tissues and structures
  • Colour photographs of your teeth and face, taken as a starting reference point
  • Impressions taken of your mouth, allowing us to produce plaster models so we can plan your treatment
  • Radiographs to assess bone and tooth structure and the presence of any pathology
  • Radiographs, to assess bone and tooth structure and the presence of any pathology

After thorough discussions regarding your expectations and requirements, a mock-up will be completed to assist you in visualising how your new smile will look.

The dental technician completing the ceramic work will meet you, together with your aesthetic dentist, to ensure the results you are aiming for are achieved.

A treatment plan will be developed outlining the overall treatment required, number of appointments and costs involved.

The whole process is thorough and it’s honest, so that you won’t have any surprises during or after your procedure, physically, mentally or financially. Major dental work is a significant endeavour and we believe pre-planning is essential.

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