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Cosmetic Dentistry

When your teeth don’t look their best, cosmetic dentistry may be the answer
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Cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of dental treatments aimed at improving the appearance of the teeth.

The team at Bond Street Dental Dental clinic South Yarra is passionate about creating beautiful smiles and we have been doing in for over 20 years!

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality dental care in a trustworthy manner, always placing our patients needs and desires at the forefront of all we do!
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Cosmetic Dentistry in Melbourne

Whether we like it or not, we live in a society where most people are more than willing to judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately that also means they'll judge people on their appearance, and the quality of a smile is a huge factor in that judgement process.

If your smile isn't something you feel proud of right now, you're certainly not alone in feeling that way. Millions upon millions of people suffer in silence with dental problems that are easily treatable.

The Best Cosmetic Dentistry in Melbourne

At least part of the reason for this is fear and uncertainty. People have questions like "Will it hurt to get treatment?" and "Will it cost me an arm and a leg to save my teeth?"

These are legitimate questions that are perfectly reasonable to ask. The short and simple answer is that it depends on what needs to be done and who does it.

The Bond Street Cosmetic Dentistry Difference

What we can tell you with confidence is that if you are looking for Melbourne cosmetic dentistry you can afford and where you will be given the utmost care, Bond Street Dental is the right Melbourne cosmetic dentist for you.

You won't find a more reasonably priced cosmetic dentist in the Melbourne CBD, and we're also proud of the quality of care we provide to our patients. It is a standard higher than the average for a cosmetic dentist in Melbourne, while also not being priced out of reach.

It is for these reasons, along with the excellent results we provide, that we're widely regarded as the best cosmetic dentist in Melbourne. Your teeth are precious and it's not worth the risk of going to a dentist who can't promise you the best in care and treatment.

Bond Street does give you that promise, which is why you should seek us out for any cosmetic dental procedures you are considering. Do keep in mind that as one of the few practitioners of cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne with prices people can still afford, it's definitely a good idea to book an appointment early.

Why See a Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne?

Among the most commonly sought cosmetic dental treatments include:

1. Tooth Whitening

The simplest of all cosmetic dental procedures, whitening your teeth is quick and painless, with results you can see instantly. Of course it's a good idea to follow up with regular appointments for cleaning or further whitening to ensure your teeth are "as white as white can be", but even just the one session will have you looking and feeling much better.

Treatment using our Zoom whitening procedure usually takes less than an hour to a dazzling white smile. It works really well because it uses molecular action to remove stains.

It's best to get this procedure done in the dental surgery, but if you want to save even more money, there are take home DIY kits available. Both methods are effective, and we'll happily sell you either one, but how confident are you of doing the job perfectly by yourself?

Zoom whitening gives you a whiter smile, faster. But if you do decide to try the DIY option, be sure to follow the instructions perfectly.

2. Porcelain crowns

If you've got a broken tooth where the damage is not so extreme as to require a total extraction, you may be able to correct the problem with a porcelain crown.

This is a very simple cap for a tooth that is broken or unevenly worn down. It's not recommended for teeth that are severely out of alignment or strangely oriented, but for relatively normal teeth it will restore a natural look.

If you have a broken tooth, speedy action is essential, so call and tell us you have a dental emergency requiring urgent attention. We'll do whatever is possible to help you keep your tooth.

When the damage is so severe that crowning is not really appropriate, we'll discuss alternative treatments with you, and if necessary arrange a follow up appointment for you.

3. Porcelain veneers

If the present state of your teeth makes simple whitening an unviable option, veneers can be a way to get a whiter smile almost instantly. 

The great thing about veneers is that they're even easier to clean than natural teeth, and they'll help protect the real enamel surface of your tooth.

The porcelain veneer is a very thin wafer of porcelain – you'd actually be amazed it's possible to make these things so thin – bonded to the enamel surface with a super strong adhesive.

Of course some teeth are so far gone that not even veneers can save them, which is when you'd probably want to consider the next option listed below.

4. Dental implants

Did you know that missing teeth are no joking matter? If any of your teeth have gone AWOL, you need to get that problem fixed up pronto. The need for this is because if you don't, it's going to open the gateway to a whole slew of further (and very unpleasant) additional problems.

There are many different options for replacing missing teeth, but the best one is to get dental implants. Now, false teeth are the painless and cheaper alternative, but they don't offer all the long term benefits you would get from dental implants.

What are these benefits? Well, for one thing, they can help you have a better chance of keeping your remaining natural teeth, so that's a really good start. They also help prevent bone loss on your jaw bones. They also provide the best cosmetic result, with a totally natural look.

A common problem people with dentures experience is the tendency for their false teeth to not always stay in place. This is not a problem with dental implants. Embedded in the jaw bone, they are not going to move.

You can also clean them as easily as you would clean your natural teeth. Maybe even easier, since they'll also be perfectly aligned.

Your Best Choice for Melbourne Cosmetic Dental Work

You might come to us for our low prices, but you'll always recommend us for our caring staff and the excellent dental treatments we provide.

To make an appointment or get more information, call 1300 266 378. You can also book an appointment using our online form, or simply call in and see our receptionist at 6 Bond Street, Melbourne.

Bond Street Dental is the best dental clinic in Melbourne. We specialise in cosmetic dentistry, sleep dentistry, childrens dentistry, digital smile design, wisdom teeth removal, root canal treatment, wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and lip fillers. We also offer teeth whitening in South Yarra, teeth whitening in Melbourne, veneers in South Yarra, veneers in Melbourne, dental implants in South Yarra and dental implants in Melbourne. Book an appointment with one of our friendly and professional dental hygienists today!
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