Your cosmetic analysis appointment may include:

  • Evaluation of your oral health, teeth, gums and surrounding tissues and structures
  • Colour photographs of your teeth and face, taken as a starting reference point
  • Impressions taken of your mouth, allowing us to produce plaster models so we can plan your treatment
  • Radiographs to assess bone and tooth structure and the presence of any pathology

After thorough discussions regarding your expectations and requirements, a mock-up may be completed to assist you in visualising how your new smile will look.

The dental technician completing the ceramic work will meet you, together with your aesthetic dentist, to help you achieve yourdesired result.

A treatment plan will be developed outlining the overall treatment required, number of appointments and costs involved.

The whole process is thorough and it’s honest, so that you won’t have any surprises during or after your procedure, physically, mentally or financially. Major dental work is a significant endeavour and we believe pre-planning is essential.

Cosmetic Dentistry – What It Could Do for You!

Cosmetic dentistry is a special branch of dentistry that could improve the aesthetics of the mouth. It includes treatments that can change the shape and colour of the teeth, but also treatments that could replace teeth that have disappeared due to tooth decay or an accident. Below, you will find an overview of treatments patients can take advantage of, so if you suffer from a dental problem that is mainly aesthetic, be sure to read the overview provided by the Bond Street Dental Clinic below.

Teeth Whitening

One of the procedures that falls under cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening; this procedure can be obtained in our clinic, but patients can also buy a custom home whitening kit, so they can perform teeth whitening from the comfort of their own home.

When you come to the Bond Street Dental Clinic for a teeth whitening appointment, you can take advantage of the advanced Zoom whitening system. With the Zoom system, it only takes an hour to get brighter and whiter teeth.

Before the procedure starts, the dental hygienist will add a special covering to the gums; this covering protects the gums against the chemicals in the whitening gel that will be applied to the teeth. When the gums are protected properly, the dental hygienist will apply the hydrogen peroxide gel. The gel works on the teeth like a washing powder on a clothing stain, because it dissolves any stains on the teeth by breaking the molecular bonds of the stain down. To speed up the whitening process, the dental hygienist also uses a special LED Accelerator Light; this light is focussed on the surface of the teeth, so the whitening gel works even faster.

Patients who used our teeth whitening services before, but would like to have a kit they can use at home, can obtain one of the home whitening sets. However, before the patient can obtain this kit, they need a custom mouthguard that is especially made for them; this will protect the gums against the whitening gel during the teeth whitening process. For more information, or to order a new home whitening kit, please contact the receptionists at Bond Street Dental.

Crowns and Veneers

Patients who want to change the colour of their teeth and obtain a more desirable tooth shape, could choose a treatment with crowns and veneers. A dental crown can be described as a cap that covers the entire tooth, therefore, it adds a lot of strength to the tooth, but also protects it against common types of damage. Patients can also choose the dental veneer though, which is a thin shell that is bonded to the surface of the tooth. The function of the veneer is quite like that of the crown, although a veneer is not as suitable for areas in the mouth that get to deal with strong biting and chewing forces.

To find out if you could benefit from a treatment with crowns and veneers, it is recommended to make an appointment with one of the dentists at the Bond Street Dental Clinic. If you are unsure about the treatment you need to restore your smile, you can also make a smile enhancement or cosmetic analysis appointment, which enables our dentists to find the oral rehabilitation treatment that suits you best.

Cosmetic Analysis

The cosmetic analysis is a special examination at the Bond Street Dental Clinic. During this examination, the Bond Street Dental dentist will evaluate the patient’s dental health and create a detailed treatment plan that can transform their smile.

Before a treatment plan can be created, the dentist must look at the external structure of the teeth, gums and all surrounding tissues and structures. Naturally, the dentist must look at the internal structure of the mouth as well, which is possible by taking several radiographs. By looking at the radiographs, the dentist can assess the bone health and tooth structure of the patient. He can also check for any underlying pathology that may affect the dental health of the patient in question.

Once all tests have been executed, the dentist and dental technician will meet with you and create a treatment plan that can transform your smile. Of course, the patient gets the time to read through the treatment plan in his own time and make the decision later. Therefore, a cosmetic analysis at the Bond Street Dental is no obligation to obtain the recommended treatments.

Smile Enhancements

The smile enhancements at Bond Street Dental are a collection of treatments that are used to tackle problems such as discoloured teeth, chipped teeth, space closure, old fillings, old crowns and more. Our smile enhancements also include dental implants, which are replacement teeth roots that can carry your replacement teeth.

In addition to the regular dental implants you could obtain at a dental surgery, the Bond Street Dental Clinic also provides patients with access to a revolutionary dental implant treatment, more specifically the All-On-4 dental implants. These implants are a great alternative for patients who do not have enough jawbone for regular dental implants, because All-On-4 dental implants eliminate the need for bone grafting in most cases.

To discover if you are eligible for dental implants, you will need to be evaluated by a specialised dentist or oral surgeon. If you are deemed eligible, then you can get your missing teeth replaced with permanent dental implants.

Patients who want to learn more about the All-On-4 dental implants specifically can attend one of the free information evenings organised by the Bond Street Dental Clinic. To register your interest for one of these seminars, simply fill in one of the forms on the website and enter the number of seats you wish to reserve. When a seminar in your area becomes available, our support team will contact you to confirm your attendance.

Making a Cosmetic Dentistry Appointment

Is there an aesthetic problem with your teeth you want to fix? Book an appointment at our clinic today by contacting our receptionist via telephone or email. Alternatively, you can also fill in the book an appointment form on the website and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Getting a cosmetic analysis is often the ideal solution for patients who experience several problems with their teeth, but don’t know what kind of treatments they need to restore their smile. With a cosmetic analysis, we do not only evaluate the problems above the surface, but also underlying conditions that may affect the health of your teeth. At the end of these evaluations, patients still have the option to refuse the treatments or to go ahead, since the treatment plan received after the appointment gives them more information about the treatments they’ll need to restore their smile.

Once you have your treatment plan with the treatments you’ll need to restore your smile, you can find more information about each of the treatments on our website. Patients may require treatments such as veneers, dental crowns, implants or teeth whitening services. Each of these dental services is described in detail on the website, so if you wish to learn more before you go ahead with the treatment, you can certainly find it here. Of course, it is normal for patients to still have questions after reading the information on the website, so if you still have some questions regarding your treatment, feel free to contact the Bond Street Dental team.