A dental hygienist is a graduate of an accredited university dental hygiene education program and they must be registered with the Australian Health Professional Regulation Authority (AHPRA).

At the Bond Street Clinic, our dental hygienists work closely with your dentist in the diagnoses, treatment and maintenance of your oral health.

What does a dental hygienist do?

  • Completes a patient’s oral health assessment, including a health history review, recording of oral condition, oral cancer screening, and evaluation of periodontal disease (gum disease)
  • Removes plaque and calculus (“tartar”) using dental instruments;
  • Removes staining and polishes restorations/fillings
  • Assesses and treats periodontal disease (gum disease)
  • Takes radiographs (x-rays);
  • Tooth whitening
  • Applies cavity-preventive agents such as fluorides and sealants to the teeth;
  • Administers local anaesthetic or other topical anaesthetics (if indicated)
  • Educates patients on proper oral hygiene techniques to maintain healthy teeth and gums;
  • Counsels patients about plaque control and developing individualised at-home oral hygiene programs;
  • Counsels patients on the importance of good nutrition for maintaining optimal oral health.

How often should I see my dental hygienist?

At the Bond Street Clinic, your dental hygienists and your dentist will create a dental hygiene program tailored to your particular needs. Once you have completed any necessary dental treatment and are in preventive maintenance phase, we recommend a regular dental hygiene appointment every six months.

These appointments are where we work to keep you away from future dental repairs. The dental hygienist will evaluate your dental health, examine your teeth and gums (with your dentist), remove any calculus and stain deposits, assess and recommend treatment for any oral conditions such as bad breath and dry mouth, apply topical fluoride (if indicated), take necessary radiographs, teach the most effective brushing and flossing techniques, advise on the best home-care products, and form an on-going plan to keep you healthy.

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Everyone is familiar with the dentist profession and what a dentist can do for them. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what a dental hygienist is, even though an annual visit to the dental hygienist can provide patients with a lot of benefits. The main goal of a dental hygienist is providing a patient with a professional dental clean, but also inform them about the oral hygiene products they should use. The combination of these services can ensure your mouth stays health, and that you can prevent problems such as cavities and gum disease.

When you visit the dental hygienist, you could also find a solution to problems such as bad breath. When you suffer from bad breath, it can be difficult to determine the exact cause. Bad breath can be caused by many things; this includes the foods you eat, but also the overall health of your mouth. During an appointment at the dental hygienist, the dental hygienist can determine what causes your bad breath and provide you with a treatment plan to tackle the problem. So, if you are wondering where you can go with basic oral hygiene problems, the answer is your dental hygienist! Have you only been visiting your dentist when you have a dental problem? Then make sure you make an appointment with your dental hygienist to avoid dental problems in the future.