Custom Made Mouthguards

Do you play contact sport? Bond Street Dental can create and fit a customised mouthguard in just a few days. Your teeth will thank you.
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The human mouth was not designed for impact with balls, pucks, sticks, elbows, stray fists or any of the other potential dangers of modern sport, especially contact sport. Custom-made mouthguards are an essential part of your uniform for any sport with the potential to dislodge teeth.

A mouthguard generally covers the upper teeth and offers protection for the teeth, alveolar bone and soft tissue.

A mouthguard should:

Custom Made Mouthguards

  • Fit well
  • Be comfortable
  • Be durable and easy to clean
  • Not restrict speech and breathing
  • Be kept in the mouthguard box when not in use
  • Be checked by the dentist at your regular check ups for wear, tear and fit

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