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Are you an ideal candidate for Digital Smile Design?

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At Bond Street Dental, we are proud to be the only official DSD Clinic in Melbourne offering Digital Smile Design, the concept of giving patients the opportunity to co-design their new smile, with accuracy and precision.

We are privileged to be leading the way with this global concept, offering our patients a state-of-the-art technology, that has revolutionised our holistic dental care. We have chosen to invest in Digital Smile Design as it is a safe, predictable tool, making an innovation in aesthetic treatments.

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Transforming dentistry and changing lives. One smile at a time.
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We're Future Proof

 It’s an exciting time for dentistry. And DSD clinics are at the forefront of it all, with our digital-first approach underpinning everything we do. It means our procedures and protocols are patient-centred and performed with utmost precision.

We're all connected.

We work better when we work together. That’s why every DSD Clinic works closely and exclusively with the DSD Center in Madrid. Harnessing the expertise of the world’s leading smile designers and treatment planners mean transformational results for you, every time.

We're experts

Being the best of the best takes time. You can only become a DSD-approved clinic after intense and thorough training. The DSD stamp is your guarantee that we will deliver truly exceptional results. Personally, professionally and precisely - every time.

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We care

We fuse tech innovation with human emotion. And we exist to make a real difference. Digital tech makes us fast, but humans make us failsafe. We’re passionate individuals, sharing best practice, learning from industry leaders, with a track record of changing smiles, and changing lives.

We are a DSD Clinic 


Find out if Digital Smile Design® could help you.