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Digital Smile Design FAQs

About Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is changing the face of cosmetic dentistry across the world, since its first introduction eight years ago. DSD gives dentists a new approach to smile design, allowing them to take into account a patient’s teeth, gums, lips, smile along with their facial features and gestures when in motion. This state-of-the-art technology builds a 3D picture for dentists, giving the tools to tailor each tooth repair treatment to the patient’s unique physical attributes and personality. The result is a truly unique smile, specifically designed for every patient, using Digital Smile Design software.

We made the decision to invest in the Digital Smile Design concept, with all of our team members having completed comprehensive training. We’re proud to be among a handful of dentists in Melbourne leading the way with this revolutionary global concept, able to offer our patients this state-of-the-art technology, as a part of our holistic dental care. Digital Smile Design is a predictable, safe tool and an innovation in aesthetic treatments, and we are privileged to be a DSD practice.

We are particularly impressed by how the system makes us better communicators as clinicians. We strive to always explain procedures to patients, and this takes us a giant leap forward, by being able to simulate tooth repair treatment in software. We believe a picture is worth a thousand words, particularly when the picture is of your own teeth!

In short, no. Digital Smile Design can only be provided by dental clinicians who have completed the rigorous DSD training and who fully comply with the global DSD protocols. Knowing that only those specifically trained can provide Digital Smile Design ensures a consistently high standard and quality of treatment. Digital Smile Design dentists share good practice standards and training across the globe and also benefit from having every patient case reviewed by a digital planning centre. During this process, a team of experts from a number of dental specialities review the case to ensure clinical excellence and the highest possible standard of treatment.

One sure way to know is to look out for the Digital Smile Design logo on their website pages, leaflets and building signage. Most DSD practices will also have descriptions about this service on their website. If you are still unsure, you can always ask the reception team. Here at Bond Street Dental we carry the DSD logo on our website and have a few pages on our website where you can read more about it, like here and here. [insert links]

The Digital Smile Design concept offers many benefits to patients. In our experience, we find that people who are unhappy with any aspects of their teeth and smile, usually have an idea of how they wish their teeth looked. But fundamentally, they are looking to have  a smile that makes them look and feel more like themselves, and this includes their unique personality and facial features.

DSD not only offers an unprecedented detailed level of design, but also gives patients the chance to be the co-designer of their smile! Every step of the way patients are able to input into the design of their new smile. Patients choosing DSD also appreciate the opportunity it offers to preview their new smile.  The possibility of test-driving their new smile and ‘wearing’ or trying an accurate mock-up of how their smile will look, before committing to any treatment, is another key benefit of DSD.

This is a hugely different experience to the 3D wax mouth models that have traditionally been used to show how smile design might look. DSD allows the patient to feel their new smile in their own mouth and see exactly how it will look, before treatment begins. When it comes to treatment, the whole Digital Smile Design process can reduce the amount of dental appointments required by 20-30%, thanks to an improved treatment planning phase.

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What can I expect from the Digital Smile Design process?

This stage focuses on gathering all of the information needed for Digital Smile Design. We want to get to know you and your smile! You will be invited to the practice for a consultation, where we will build up a clear picture of your smile. To do this, we take impressions, photographs, scans and x-rays of your mouth and teeth as needed. We use the revolutionary Digital Smile Design imaging technology and software to create a 3D image of your unique smile.  It’s important to us that we understand your mouth in motion, so we also record video footage to see how your mouth moves when you talk, smile and laugh. This is done because we are interested in the symmetry and detail of your entire face. As well as getting an understanding of your mouth, face and teeth, we will also complete an assessment where we ask questions to understand your concerns around your smile and how you would want your new smile to look.

During this stage, we take all of the information we have collated and use this to design your new smile. Each case is reviewed by a team of dental specialists in a digital planning center. This ensures the clinical quality of your treatment planning. It also means we can give you a smile you love on the foundations of a healthy functioning mouth. Once we have the proposed treatment options, we create a mockup of your new smile, to show you how you could look in the future.

At this stage we invite you back to the practice for your opportunity to test drive your new smile. This is an accurate reflection of how your teeth will look at the end of the treatment plan we are proposing. Where there are multiple treatment options, these will be explained fully and accurate costs and treatment times will also be shown.

DSD allows us the added option of fitting a temporary mould onto your teeth so you can see and feel how your smile will be at the end of treatment. During this stage you can decide on any final alterations, such as the colour, length and shape of teeth. DSD means you don’t have to guess how your smile might look – you will have an accurate preview on which to base your decision for treatment. If you don’t like what you see, this can then be discussed and your treatment plan can be altered accordingly.

DSD puts you firmly in control of your smile design. You will fully understand the costs and specific treatment involved and will know how the result will look. Treatment begins only when you have made your decision about which option works best for you.

The process of DSD doesn’t end once treatment starts. The state-of-the-art technology allows your dentist to track your progress and to make sure that the smile you previewed is the smile looking back at you by the end of treatment.

Completing your treatment is always a great feeling. You are ready to show the world your new smile. You will be prepared for the result, thanks to DSD, you will know exactly how your new smile will look, so no unexpected surprises – just a renewed confidence as you show off your new smile.  

Digital Smile Design Process

Digital Smile Design is a tool to help with planning your new smile, and is not a painful experience. Many patients actually liken the experience to a photoshoot, rather than a visit to the dentist! In the initial consultation, there are no drills or injections – it is not treatment at this stage.

We will just take:

-       several photos of your teeth and mouth

-       video footage of your mouth, when you are talking, eating and at rest

-       intra-oral scans of your teeth using a scanning device placed inside your mouth

-       in some cases, digital x-rays of your mouth

All of this information is uploaded into the software programme.

Most patients welcome the fact that we don’t take traditional impressions of their teeth, where you have to bite into a paste-like substance to take a mould of your teeth. Thanks to technology, intra-oral scanners do a high quality and far less messy job!

We are very experienced in treating nervous and anxious patients at Bond Street Dental. We make it a priority to listen to your concerns and we actively encourage our patients to share their feelings of anxiety or nerves. For many nervous patients, feeling a lack of control or not fully understanding the treatment they are facing, can be a root cause of dental anxiety, as well as the anticipation of feeling pain.

DSD can help nervous patients by putting you in control, playing a vital role in the creation of your new smile. Seeing your smile designed, and sharing about your personality, lifestyle and dental concerns, can really help to address those feelings of nervousness and anxiety. Digital Smile Design will give you a clear, accurate treatment plan to prepare for and gives space and time to ask any questions or address any concerns.

We understand that, for some patients, visiting the dentist can cause some anxiety, even if there is no treatment involved. We always work with you to make sure you are comfortable and understand fully what to expect from the consultation. We are happy to answer your questions at any time, so you feel relaxed and fully informed about the process.

Digital Smile Design allows your dentist to create a personalised treatment plan for your unique smile. As every treatment plan is unique, the cost of Digital Smile Design will vary from patient to patient. Which makes this a hard question to answer in general terms.

On the other hand, Digital Smile Design also allows your dentist to create a bespoke, accurate treatment plan with a clear understanding of every stage of treatment needed, timescales and what will be involved before treatment begins. Using Digital Smile Design to redesign your smile may mean the use of restorative dental treatments such as veneers, crowns and bridges, aligners/braces or fixed dentures. The DSD process will give you a detailed and accurate breakdown of costs before committing to treatment. This gives you time to consider and budget for treatment.

The short answer is, as long as it needs to be. The Digital Smile Design process is bespoke for each patient, because your smile is unique. That’s why we don’t like to put time constraints on your consultation. Our priority is ensuring that you have the time to speak about your dental concerns and your desired smile. Digital Smile Design focuses on shaping your new smile to fit your unique personality, so we like to make sure we have time to get to know you, and that you have time to ask all of the questions you might have about the process.

Well… as Digital Smile Design allows us to design your new smile around your unique personality, all you really need to bring with you is – you! We also find that some patients have spent a long time considering their new smile, and how they might like it to look, before coming to their consultation. If you have got photographs that can help you to share those ideas with us, please bring them with you. Don’t worry, however, if you don’t have anything to bring. The whole point of Digital Smile Design is to work with you to create your desired smile, we are used to working with patients who are unsure of how their new smile might look, as well as those with a clear picture. DSD works brilliantly in all of those cases.

Absolutely. One of the amazing things about Digital Smile Design is the ability to work with patients to design your perfect smile, before any treatment is undertaken. Our comprehensive consultation will help us to discover together your new smile. You will also be able to preview your new smile at the start of the process, rather than waiting until after treatment for a big reveal. We can work with you to amend and adapt the treatment plan, as you start to see how your new smile will look after the proposed treatment plan, until you are happy with the accurate picture of your new smile.

Digital Smile Design is truly an innovation in smile design, as it allows these conversations to happen before any treatment commences. We can work together to create a smile design that you are completely happy with, both in appearance, function and fit, so you can be sure with DSD you will have the smile of your dreams.