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At Bond Street Dental, we are proud to be the only official DSD Clinic in Melbourne offering Digital Smile Design, the concept of giving patients the opportunity to co-design their new smile, with accuracy and precision.

We are privileged to be leading the way with this global concept, offering our patients a state-of-the-art technology, that has revolutionised our holistic dental care. We have chosen to invest in Digital Smile Design as it is a safe, predictable tool, making an innovation in aesthetic treatments.

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Transforming dentistry and changing lives. One smile at a time.
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 It’s an exciting time for dentistry. And DSD clinics are at the forefront of it all, with our digital-first approach underpinning everything we do. It means our procedures and protocols are patient-centred and performed with utmost precision.

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We work better when we work together. That’s why every DSD Clinic works closely and exclusively with the DSD Center in Madrid. Harnessing the expertise of the world’s leading smile designers and treatment planners mean transformational results for you, every time.

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Being the best of the best takes time. You can only become a DSD-approved clinic after intense and thorough training. The DSD stamp is your guarantee that we will deliver truly exceptional results. Personally, professionally and precisely - every time.

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We fuse tech innovation with human emotion. And we exist to make a real difference. Digital tech makes us fast, but humans make us failsafe. We’re passionate individuals, sharing best practice, learning from industry leaders, with a track record of changing smiles, and changing lives.

All You Need To Know About Having Digital Smile Design in Melbourne

Many of us have things we would like to change about how our teeth look. Whether it is having straighter teeth, replacing missing teeth or fixing chips, cracks or staining, addressing your concerns could have a positive impact on your confidence. The good news is advancements in cosmetic and restorative dentistry mean that the process of regaining this confidence in your smile has never been more straightforward and effective. With Digital Smile Design at Bond Street Dental, you can be the co-designer of your new smile. Whether you have a clear idea of what you would like your smile to look like or not, you can be a part of the design process in Melbourne and preview your smile before committing to treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry Is More Than Just Giving Your Smile A New Look

While cosmetic dentistry does focus on changing the aesthetic of your smile, it can also benefit your oral and general health. The way you care for your teeth and oral health can have a direct impact on your body’s health and well being.

For example, having straight and well aligned teeth will make them easier to clean properly, leading to better overall oral health. Similarly, replacing any missing teeth with a dental implant can help to strengthen remaining natural teeth, making eating more comfortable, while preventing jaw bone loss over time. In other words, improving the appearance of your teeth can have several positive health benefits.

Looking After Your Teeth

Looking after your teeth is not just about brushing them properly. You should have a regular routine of brushing and interdental brushing or flossing, combined with regular dental checkups. A reduction in sugar will also help tooth health and your overall lifestyle.

Top ten tips for good oral health

Tooth Brush
Stick to your dental routine
Brush at least twice daily AND clean between your teeth
Use a fluoride toothpaste
This will help keep your tooth enamel strong and prevent decay.
Don’t use your teeth to chew anything but food
Using your teeth to crack nuts, open packaging or even open bottles can damage your teeth.
Limit sugar intake
Having too much sugar at regular intervals can lead to tooth decay.
Limit acidic drinks
Soft drinks, fruit juices and cordials all can have a negative effect on your enamel.
Visit your dentist regularly
Getting regular dental check-ups can prevent problems from developing or worsening.
Don’t delay getting dental treatment
What might be a small cavity or minor discomfort now could grow into a serious problem if leave it untreated. Visit your dentist as soon as problems surface.
Quit smoking
Smoking affects your oral health negatively, but stopping can reverse the effects.
Don’t ignore niggling pain
If you have any ongoing pain in any part of your mouth - including your tongue and throat - visit your dentist to get it checked out.
Don’t ignore long lasting ulcers
Always have these checked out too.
For more on how to care for your teeth as you age, check out this blog post we recently wrote on the topic:

Is it time you considered making a change to your smile?

Cosmetic dentistry and smile design can be something we put off for a long time. Many of us in Melbourne aren’t good at investing in ourselves, but making the changes you would like to see to your smile could have a huge impact on your lifestyle. From improved confidence to opening doors in social and work opportunities, making a change to your smile could be more beneficial than you imagine.

Perhaps you are planning a special occasion - a landmark birthday, wedding or a child’s graduation? Our patients have many reasons for choosing to change the appearance of their teeth. Some have had a promotion or bonus at work and want to take the opportunity to invest in their smile, others find themselves at a crossroads moment in their lives - at the end of a relationship or facing retirement or remission from cancer, and choose to treat themselves to the smile they really would like to have.

With revolutionary new technology, Digital Smile Design, you can now have the smile you have dreamed of, being the co-designer and previewing the end results before you commit to treatment. With Digital Smile Design at Bond Street Dental, you can rest assured that you will have the perfect smile for your face shape, features, oral needs and your personal preferences about appearance.

What Is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary new tool that is changing the world of dentistry. Using state-of-the-art technology and digital diagnostic software, Digital Smile Design gives you, the patient, the chance to be the co-designer of your new smile.

Digital Smile Design (DSD for short) allows your dentist to create an accurate 3D digital model of your teeth, face and jaw, taking into account any oral and medical health issues to craft a bespoke treatment plan for your individual needs. What’s more, you can preview your end-result smile before treatment has even begun!

Is Digital Smile Design right for my smile?

Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary new tool that is changing the world of dentistry. Using state-of-the-art technology and digital diagnostic software, Digital Smile Design gives you, the patient, the chance to be the co-designer of your new smile.

Digital Smile Design (DSD for short) allows your dentist to create an accurate 3D digital model of your teeth, face and jaw, taking into account any oral and medical health issues to craft a bespoke treatment plan for your individual needs. What’s more, you can preview your end-result smile before treatment has even begun!


How can DSD help me change my smile?

Here are just a few examples of how patients in Melbourne are using Digital Smile Design:


A natural whiter smile With DSD you can preview of the results of your treatment. Whether through whitening or veneers, you can get the result you are looking for through consultation with your dentist using the DSD software. Even teeth length Some patients want their teeth to be more even and the same length throughout the mouth. Using DSD, we can work with you to find the most appropriate treatment, being able to show you the final results before treatment. 

Gaps in Teeth/Too Much Gum Showing There are number of ways to correct unwanted gaps and to lengthen teeth to hide extra unwanted gums. Using Digital Smile Design, you can work with your dentist to create the smile you desire. Chipped or Cracked Teeth Correcting subtle flaws can make a massive difference to your smile. DSD allows you to preview the difference, choosing a treatment route to create your perfect smile. Find out what problem we can solve with Digital Smile Design. 

What To Expect from the DSD process

If you are considering Digital Smile Design for your cosmetic or restorative dentistry, here’s an overview of what you can expect during the entire process at Bond Street Dental.

Step 1

Share: At your first DSD Consultation your dentist will ask you about your desires for your smile, as well as your likes and dislikes about your existing teeth. The more detailed you can explain what you are looking for, the clearer your process and outcome will be.

Step 2

Data collection: During the first DSD consultation you will have your teeth scanned with an intraoral scanner, and photos and videos taken of your teeth.

Step 3

Smile analysis: Your images and data is then uploaded into a computer for the dentist to get a 3D view of your mouth to plan out the various treatment solutions using specialised software that takes into account your unique facial and dental proportions.

Step 4

Results preview: Using the software, your dentist can prepare a simulation of how your smile will look once treatment is completed, giving you a better idea of the results. Your new smile is designed to be in harmony with your teeth, gums, lips and your facial features when you move and show emotion, which means your teeth won’t look ‘fake’ or unusual on your face.

Step 5

Treatment Plan: Receive your treatment plan with full costs breakdown for you to sign.

Step 6

The beginning: Payment is made and treatment commences. The amount of visits and waiting times depend on the treatment selected.

Step 7

Once treatment is completed, the feeling of your newly repaired teeth and smile will be familiar as you already knew what to expect, but you are still enjoying all the compliments! For more detailed information on your Digital Smile Design journey in Melbourne visit:


Digital Smile Design Timescale

When it comes to deciding to make changes to your smile, a common question that arises is how long will treatment take. Some patients decide to have smile design in preparation for a key event or as a celebration of a milestone or significant change in their lives. Other patients are planning treatment around work, family schedules or holidays.

How Long Will Digital Smile Design take?

It is difficult to give an accurate answer to a general question about timing, as it largely depends on the treatments involved in your smile design. Whether you have braces or aligners or have dental implants placed, the timescales will be different for each treatment plan.

When planning your treatment, your dentist will be able to give you a clearer view of timescales for treatment, as the DSD tool allows for greater accuracy in planning. Where there are unknowns, such as how long your implant surgery may take to heal and for the bone to fuse to the implant, your dentist can clearly explain these unknowns.

Will Digital Smile Design make my cosmetic dentistry process longer?

Sometimes patients considering DSD to plan their new smile in Melbourne will ask us if using Digital Smile Design will actually make the process longer. This concern is understandable as we have outlined the comprehensive assessment process involved. But actually, if anything, Digital Smile Design can speed up the process of cosmetic dentistry!

Your dentist is able to plan your treatment with an increased precision, using the software to optimise your treatment plan for the least number of appointments and choosing treatment options that give the best results.

At Bond Street Dental - We’re Ready When You Are We understand that it can be frustrating to make the decision to have smile design, only to be faced with a long wait before the process can begin. That’s why at Bond Street Dental we aim to offer you an assessment as soon as you are ready - so you can begin your DSD journey at your own pace, at the time you choose to make the decision to change your smile.

Find out more about booking appointments here: Book an appointment

How much does DSD cost?

One of the reasons we love Digital Smile Design so much at Bond Street Dental is because it enables us as dentists to work with our patients to create a bespoke treatment plan, truly personalised to your dental, oral and aesthetic needs, to create your preferred smile.

We are able to look at a broad range of treatment options, choosing the absolute best for your smile needs. We may consider veneers, crowns and bridges, aligners/braces or fixed dentures, and for some cases, there may different treatment options for you to choose from, depending on budget, timescale and the aesthetic you would like for your new smile. As it is a personalised process, it invariably means that the cost is different for each patient.

So when it comes to the question how much does Digital Smile Design cost, it is difficult to answer this prior to your initial consultation, as the type of treatment and your unique dental needs will have an impact on the cost. An Accurate Breakdown of Costs Before Treatment Begins Another reason we love Digital Smile Design here in Melbourne is that it also enables us as dentists to create an accurate, effective treatment plan that will give you a clear breakdown of costs, treatment needed and timescales, for you to consider and decide to proceed with, before beginning treatment.

The DSD process will give you an accurate breakdown of all costs before committing to treatment, with options for your budget and timescale, enabling you to prepare for treatment before you begin. A Range Of Financing Options At Bond Street Dental We also offer a range of finance options at Bond Street Dental to help you to budget and plan effectively for your Digital Smile Design in Melbourne. For more information, visit our financing page.


Dental Anxiety and Digital Smile Design

Do you have dental anxieties or phobias? Rest assured that you are absolutely not alone! Dental phobias and anxiety are nothing to be embarrassed about. There are many reasons why people develop a crippling fear of visiting the dentist. It could be triggered by a previous bad experience, a fear of loss of control or a needle phobia, to name just a few.

Dentistry has improved in many ways to help anxious patients to feel more comfortable in a dental setting. For example, options such as noise cancelling headphones and sedation are now widely available. With Digital Smile Design at Bond Street Dental, You’re In Control When it comes to Digital Smile Design, patients who experience dental phobias and anxiety often point out how much the DSD process helped them in their cosmetic dentistry treatment.

For those who fear a loss of control or have had bad experiences in the past, DSD offers a comprehensive planning stage, with plenty of opportunities to voice your concerns, ask questions and tailor your treatment to your individual needs. The accuracy and precision of DSD means that there are no unexpected surprises during treatment. This often helps nervous patients to prepare for treatment.

Your dentist will clearly explain each stage of treatment at the start, showing you the difference it will make to your smile and the overall aesthetic you would like to achieve. Is Digital Smile Design painful? A common concern for any new tool or treatment is if there is any pain involved. Digital Smile Design is a non-invasive planning tool that isn’t painful. Your dentist will use an intraoral 3d scanner to scan your teeth. This uses a small hand held scanner that will be moved around your mouth.

We will also take photos of your mouth and face, X-rays of your teeth and jaws and perhaps some videos of your mouth when you speak and smile. None of this is a painful process and if you are anxious about how this will work, your dentist can talk you through the process before beginning.

When your dentist is planning your treatment using DSD, you can talk through all of the available sedation options for the treatment plan proposed. Sedation Options At Bond Street Dental For more information on some of the sedation options offered at Bond Street Dental, here is a blog from Dr Nima Ferdowsi on sleep dentistry in Melbourne.

Choosing a dentist for Digital Smile Design

A common question we get asked at Bond Street Dental is whether any dentist at any dental office can provide Digital Smile Design.

The answer, in short, is no. Digital Smile Design dentists have invested in the Digital Smile Design concept, completing comprehensive training and staying up to date with continuous learning. This gives them the ability to perform Digital Smile design with confidence and the utmost precision.

How To Choose an official DSD Practice?

Dental practices offering Digital Smile Design will display the DSD logo on their website pages, leaflets and building signage. If it is unclear, ask the reception team if the practice offers Digital Smile Design.

It is worth remembering that this is a revolutionary new technology, with a limited number of dentists trained in using the state-of-the-art planning tool. We are proud to be one of the few practices in Melbourne to be a DSD provider. Many DSD practices, like Bond Street Dental, will also have descriptions of the DSD process on their website.

For more information on Digital Smile Design at Bond Street Dental, visit about DSD.


Previewing Your Smile

Patients opting for Digital Smile Design have the chance to preview their new smile before committing to treatment. This may involve a 3D on-screen simulation, using the patient’s face to show how their new smile will look in action. The design and preview process throws up a number of common questions, and answers many of the questions and queries patients have.

Can I Use Digital Smile Design to get a smile like this photograph?

You may have been considering what your smile design will look like for a long time, and have a very clear idea of how your teeth should look after treatment. If this sounds familiar, you are certainly not alone! It is not uncommon for patients to bring along photographs of their favourite celebrity smiles or even that of a family member to a smile design consultation.

This is where DSD comes in. The DSD software allows you and your dentist to plan the end result of your smile in great detail, ensuring it suits your unique features while giving you the smile appearance of your dreams. You may like something in particular about the smile you bring with you and your dentist will talk this through with you, demonstrating the best way to make changes to your smile to achieve the look you desire.

DSD software will help your dentist to accurately plan your treatment so you can rest assured the preview of your smile you see will be the smile staring back at you in the mirror at the final appointment.

What If I Don’t Like The Smile You Design For Me?

This is just one of the reasons that Digital Smile Design is a truly revolutionary tool in dentistry. The DSD mock-up is an accurate reflection of your new smile. We are confident you will like it as we will have spent a lot of time talking through your dental concerns and co-designing your smile with you during the process.

The great thing about having a mock-up of your smile is that you aren’t stuck with your new smile! You can make those changes in a simple and quick process, using the DSD software. We want you to be truly happy with your new smile and will work with you to achieve that during the DSD process so you can rest assured, once treatment is complete, you will have the smile of your dreams!

Will It Really Look Like The Preview?

We have all had that experience - of buying an item of clothing or furniture online, only to have it delivered and it to look totally different from the picture! We can guarantee this will not be the experience you have with Digital Smile Design. DSD is a holistic planning tool.

We build a comprehensive 3D picture of your smile and how it fits into your unique face, not only when still but also when you are moving. We then plan your new smile, taking into account any dental concerns you have highlighted.

Once you are happy with the preview we then work with a DSD lab in Melbourne to create any prosthetics, including veneers and implants, using the exact design from the mock-up, from colour to fit to function. The state-of-the-art DSD software planning tool enables your dentist to plan the placing of implants, the use of braces and aligners and treatment to rectify gaps, cracks and chips to teeth.

The whitening shade you agree with your dentist is decided through DSD software. All of this combined means you can be confident that the smile you agree to through DSD planning, and are able to preview, will be the final result at the end of treatment. Concerns The Preview Process of DSD Can Address Using DSD to preview you new smile at Bond Street Dental in Melbourne address some common concerns of patients considering cosmetic dentistry.

These can include:

Will having straighter teeth make me look better?

You will see how your new straighter smile will look before beginning treatment to help you make an informed decision.

Does DSD look ridiculous?

DSD enables your dentist to create a smile that will look natural and completely suit your face shape. So you can rest assured the result won’t look ridiculous or fake.

Would I suit veneers?

Seeing how veneers will look before committing to treatment means you won’t end up with a smile you lack confidence in.

Will veneers/implants/whitening make me look younger? 

Replacing missing teeth and improving the aesthetic of your smile can have a positive impact on your whole face. You can see this for yourself in the preview If you still have questions about the preview process or DSD as a whole, you can find answers to many commonly asked questions at Bond Street Dental here, DSD F.A.Q.

Meet The DSD Team at Bond Street Dental

All of our team at Bond Street Dental have received specialist training to deliver the DSD concept. We have invested in this revolutionary tool so that we can offer our patients the absolute highest quality of treatment and the ability to be a co-designer of their new smile.

Leading the DSD team are Drs Nima Ferdowsi and Brent Dickman. Between them they have nearly thirty five years experience of providing comprehensive cosmetic and restorative dentistry, making them the ideal choice to lead on this state of the art DSD planning process.

To learn more about them and the rest of our team at Bond Street Dental, click here: Meet our team

We are a DSD Clinic 


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