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Meet the inventors and teachers of the All-On-4® protocol. Our expertise comes with a world wide warranty.
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Why choose the Malo Clinic?

Bond Street Dental’s Malo Clinic is a proud member of the global network of Malo clinics, directly connected to Professor Paulo Malo, the founder of this brilliant implant protocol. The technique was brought to Australia by Bond Street’s lead surgeon Dr Larry Benge, meaning we bring deep experience and understanding of the protocol as well as the latest techniques and advances.

The Bond St Dental Malo Clinic surgeons and support staff perform All-On-4® treatments regularly to provide full arch rehabilitation for people who have lost all their teeth, or are about to. We are extremely comfortable performing it, and regularly host other dental professionals who want to tap into our expertise.


We are the Australasian Leaders in the All-On-4® Protocol

  • We created the All-On-4® Protocol.
  • We are Malo Clinic Australia (Melbourne & Sydney).
  • We are considered one of the leaders in the All-On-4® Protocol.
  • We have performed more procedures than any other clinic globally.
  • We are the only clinic you will get the latest All-On-4® protocol.
  • We provide a world wide warranty through our global network.
  • We have a global network of dentists.
  • We continue to train other Australian dentists in the All-On-4® Protocol.
  • We only use specialised anaesthetists.
  • We have the leading purpose built state of the art surgery in Australia.


We consult in Melbourne and Sydney

Dr Larry Benge is available for consultation in Melbourne or Sydney, and is a strong believer in providing all necessary information for potential patients to make an informed, comfortable decision. Dental implants are a significant undertaking and should only be done so carefully and with knowledge.


Information Seminars that get you one on one with Larry

We hold regular seminars where you can get to meet our dentists and surgeons and get first hand information on the All-On-4® Protocol. We explain the Malo approach and how we created the All-On-4® Protocol.


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