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We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of patient care through appropriate dental treatment, patient education and personalised dental maintenance and preventive programs.

General dentistry services are probably the dental services that are used the most by patients, since this type of dentistry includes services such as tooth-coloured fillings, CEREC porcelain teeth, wisdom teeth removal, preventative dentistry, snoring solutions, root canal treatments, custom-made mouthguards and more. These dental services are executed by a dentist, although some complex treatments may require an oral surgeon. For example, when a patient visits our clinic for a more complicated wisdom teeth removal, an oral surgeon may have to execute the treatment. Still, patients do not have to go to hospital to get their wisdom teeth removed, since the Bond Street Dental Clinic has all the equipment a hospital has.
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Kew Dental Service

People often look far and wide when they are seeking out a solution to whatever problem is troubling them at that moment. It is incredible the lengths that some folks are willing to go to when it comes to dentistry solutions. While it is always the choice of those that are about to spend money and undergo a procedure to choose where they receive that treatment, sometimes the best care possible is readily available right on their doorstep.

At Bond Street Dental, we offer modern dentistry to those living in South Yarra, so if you need a dentist in Kew, we should be the first name that rings out among your peer group. The reason why is because over three decades we have consistently delivered an exceptional level of service in the local community and have made considerable leaps forward in terms of the dental procedures and treatments that are now available to our neighbours. 

Why a Local Dentist is a Better Long-Term Investments

The presence of the Internet has made it that bit easier to learn about procedures that are completed for less than what you might pay at home. What is often not taken into consideration is that when you add up the cost of travel, the accommodation and everything in between, and, of course, take into consideration the prevailing exchange rates, the total amounts to more or less the same, and if you have to factor in time lost at work this can make it seem even less worthwhile.

Those living in Kew have dental services close to hand that will be there in the event that something goes wrong in the days, weeks or months after your treatment. Can you say the same for that practice you travelled to in a far-flung destination? It’s unlikely and potentially unlikely that you will have the financial resources to make a second costly trip.

Here at Bond Street Dental, we believe that word of mouth is a great way to determine which service providers to trust. Sure, you can take into consideration the online reviews, but if you are travelling to a country that isn’t particularly well-known for its services, it may be a little more difficult to trust those comments as genuine, particularly if you are relying on translation software.

Those living in Kew can expect a dentist to provide superior standards of care and have the necessary safety practices in operations. It is a requirement in Australia and is there to give confidence to those that require expert dental care.

The Luxury of Expert Care at Home

To this end, if you are deliberating whether to choose a local dentist or to roll the dice and travel abroad to access dental care, we urge you to think twice and consider the finance options that are available to you right here at Bond Street Dental. Payment plans are available, and we offer fast, efficient approvals to online applications up to $70k and over up to 7 years.

It may seem like a bargain to head abroad, but when Kew dentistry affords you the luxury of expert care and the possibility of your short-term recovery in the luxury of your own home, and with options available that can make your treatment possible, it makes sense to keep things local.

As such, why not get in touch with us today by phone, email or via our online booking system. At Bond Street Dental, we are here to give you the best service you can expect and will put your needs at the heart of everything we do.

We also service the areas of Malvern East, Armadale, St Kilda, Albert Park, Balwyn, Hawthorn, Kew, Toorak & Caulfield
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