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We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of patient care through appropriate dental treatment, patient education and personalised dental maintenance and preventive programs.

General dentistry services are probably the dental services that are used the most by patients, since this type of dentistry includes services such as tooth-coloured fillings, CEREC porcelain teeth, wisdom teeth removal, preventative dentistry, snoring solutions, root canal treatments, custom-made mouthguards and more. These dental services are executed by a dentist, although some complex treatments may require an oral surgeon. For example, when a patient visits our clinic for a more complicated wisdom teeth removal, an oral surgeon may have to execute the treatment. Still, patients do not have to go to hospital to get their wisdom teeth removed, since the Bond Street Dental Clinic has all the equipment a hospital has.
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Caulfield North Dental Service

They say that an apple a day keeps the dentist away. Well, maybe that was the case many years ago, and apples probably are good for you, but things have moved forward and while there is no longer anything to really fear in terms of visiting your dentist, the greatest way to avoid having to pay him or her a visit is to see the dental hygienist instead.

Here at Bond Street Dental, we offer Caulfield North dental service possibilities that go beyond the traditional dentist. Naturally, we have all of the traditional dental treatments that you might need within our state of the art facility, but we also embrace the valuable service that our dental hygienists bring. For the last 30 years plus, we have established ourselves in South Yarra, and over that time continually sought to improve the level of services on offer.

Anybody that requires wisdom tooth removal, root canal treatments, dental implants or even dermal fillers or lip fillers can access those treatments, but for those that wish to avail of a less intensive inspection that affords them luxuries such as teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, polishing and general advice on oral health, then the hygienist is the specialist that you should seek out.

How a Hygienist Can Keep You Healthy

A dental hygienist is adept in terms of clearing stains that build up over time as a result of tea, coffee, tobacco and other dark fluids. While it may seem like a cosmetic treatment, cleaning and polishing your teeth can, in fact, prevent gum disease, which means that you won’t have to worry about losing your teeth. What’s more, you’ll have a nice bright, white smile to flash every time that special someone cracks wise.

Our Caulfield North dentist care revolves around imparting as much information as possible. Educating our patients helps them to take better care of their teeth on their own watch, and empowers them to take preventative measures that will safeguard them from having to undergo expensive treatments further down the road.

The hygienist is key to this process because professional cleaning twice a year can prevent you from succumbing to something much more serious. During the cleaning process, the hygienist has the time and expertise to identify anything that seems a little off in its early stages. Oral cancer is something that everyone should be aware of, and catching it early during a routine cleaning could nip it in the bud and save a life.

If you knew that a filling was broken and was about to come out, and therefore cause you pain, wouldn’t you want to know now and take action to spare yourself the inconvenience and stress? A hygienist will look for such issues, as well as fractures in your teeth that may prove troublesome. When appropriate, they can make recommendations there an then to see the dentist.

Flexible Solutions from the Number One Professional Team

 If you are seeking out a dentist and live in Caulfield North think twice about why you want to see them. If it’s something urgent, or something causing you pain then absolutely get in touch and book an appointment. However, if you are looking for cleaning, whitening, polishing or general advice with regards to your oral health, then the hygienist may be a better choice.

Here at Bond Street Dental, we offer specialist dentistry services that Caulfield North residents can avail of without having to travel far and wide. Rest assured, that in our hands, your teeth will look or feel amazing again. So, get in touch today and let us put the smile back on your face.

We also service the areas of Malvern East, Armadale, St Kilda, Albert Park, Balwyn, Hawthorn, Kew, Toorak & Caulfield
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