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10 tips to keep your teeth strong and healthy as you get older

Do you want to keep your teeth for life or would you like to put them in a glass beside your bed at night?…

14 Feb 2017

Is Zoom Whitening right for me?

Teeth discolour for various reasons such as; age, tooth decay, amalgam fillings, excessive fluoride,…

01 Feb 2017

Why Malo

In this latest video, Dr Larry Benge explains why Bond Street Dental chose to join forces with the…

01 Feb 2017

Zygoma Alternative To Bone Grafting

Ever been told you don’t have enough bone for dental implants!? Our revolutionary zygoma implants may…

01 Feb 2017

Common Causes Of Missing Teeth – How To Avoid Them And How They Can Be Treated

Our teeth are made to last a lifetime, however due to environmental and consumer changes, they are…

01 Feb 2017

10 Q’s You Should Be Asking Your Dentist

Each week Dr Larry Benge discusses dental health with Steve Price. In this interview…

01 Feb 2017

Tooth Decay

Each week Dr Larry Benge discusses dental health with Steve Price. In this interview Dr Benge reveals…

01 Feb 2017

AirFloss – An Easier Way to Clean in Between Teeth

Using dental floss to clean between your teeth can be cumbersome and time consuming, causing a lot…

01 Feb 2017

Scared of the Dentist?

This week Dr. Nima Ferdowsi discusses dental health with Glen Wheeler over summer. In this interview…

01 Feb 2017

Don’t ignore your snore! It might be more than just a bore…

by Dr Nima Ferdowsi of the Bond Street Malo Clinic, one of Australia’s leading experts respiratory sleep…

01 Feb 2017

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