We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy smile. Bond Street Dental’s expert team utilises the latest technology in our signature implant treatment to achieve the ultimate aesthetic and functional results.
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If you are about to lose your teeth, are tired of dentures or have been told you are not a candidate for traditional implants, then the Malo Clinic’s All-On-4® procedure, at Bond Street Dental, could be the answer you’ve searched for.

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Frankly, the All-On-4® implanttreatment is remarkable. With ourprocedure, you can receive implants and a full set of non-removable replacement teeth in one to three days. And the highlight: no bone grafts are required.

All-On-4® is a cost effective, advanced technique that uses only four implants to support an entire arch of teeth.

This landmark treatment concept can be used in either the upper or lower jaw to support immediate fixed replacement teeth.

Your new teeth will look, feel and function very similar to natural teeth in one to three days.

Since less implants are used in comparison to other methods, it allows for simpler cleaning, while still delivering optimal results.

This procedure is a common treatment in our clinic today for full arch rehabilitation for people who have lost all of their teeth, or are about to lose them.

The All-On-4® process is suitable for the vast majority of lower jaw cases and most upper jaw cases.

Bone grafts be gone

The Malo Clinic invented the All-On-4® dental implant system and the whole concept is focused on implants without bone grafting. Our experts are available to talk you through the whole procedure, at your convenience. Just give us a call.

The Patient Journey

A great smile may be closer than you think. Imagine having a full set of teeth within three days. Here’s how it happens:

Preliminary appointment:

A consultation where we will form a diagnosis and treatment plan, including a detailed medical and dental history, necessary diagnostic radiographs, photographs and impressions.

2nd Appointment (Day 1: surgery)

Implant placement, and impressions taken for teeth placement. This procedure is most commonly performed under local anaesthetic, but can also be performed under sedation or general anaesthetic.

3rd Appointment (Day 2: ‘try in’)

Your new teeth are set in wax and ‘tried in’ within 24-48 hours of the implant placement. Any necessary adjustments to tooth positioning and colour can be made at this stage, as we work to make your new smile as natural and comfortable as possible. A highlight for a patient is that you get to see what your new teeth look like before they are finalized.

4th Appointment (Day 3: new teeth)

Your new teeth are inserted and fixed to the dental implants.

Seriously, you’re done. Smile!

A warning about dental tourism

Some Australians choose to head overseas for dental treatments, but there are some issues to consider before you head to the airport.

  • What implants are you getting?
  • Are they available in Australia? If problems arise once you get home, who will you consult?
  • Do the implants pass TGA or Australian standards?
  • What kind of teeth are you receiving? Are they of professional quality? How long will they last?
  • Has the surgeon pledged to use titanium, or cheaper metals?
  • At Bond Street’s Malo Clinic, we review before we start, during the procedure and post-operatively; at one and then the two week mark, then monthly. Three months after installation, we unscrew the teeth and check that all is healing well, and clean them thoroughly. Is this aftercare possible overseas?
  • Annually we review and clean the teeth of our All-On-4® patients. Can this happen with an overseas clinic?
  • Will you also be travelling overseas for all the post-operative work?
  • Dental implants do not have a 100 per cent success rate, especially depending on which clinic you attend. What is your plan in case something does go wrong?

Please ask all of these questions and be sure you are satisfied before making a decision. Your safety and ongoing well-being is paramount.

More information?

The experts at Bond Street Dental’s Malo Clinic are very happy to discuss any aspect of All-On-4® with you, at your convenience.

In fact, this video features our lead surgeon, Dr Larry Benge, explaining his philosophy of providing patients with all the information they need to make an informed choice on treatment and the dentist/surgeons they choose to provide that treatment.

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