There’s no doubt that time takes its toll on our face as life paints its picture, creating frown lines, laughter lines and forehead wrinkles.

At Bond Street Dental, we’re qualified to perform specialist anti-wrinkle treatments, using the kind of anti wrinkle injections Melbourne patients prefer for their natural results.

Remove your facial wrinkles with our effective non-surgical anti-wrinkle injections

There’s no surgery involved, and no down time, simply beautiful line-free skin that looks natural, and still allows you to use all your facial expressions.

Our anti wrinkle injections are always carried out by Melbourne wrinkle injections specialists

Our anti wrinkle injections are not only carried out by fully trained and licensed practitioners, but they’re performed in a way that ensures that you get subtle but long lasting enhancements to your face, while retaining a totally natural look.

The treatment itself takes minutes, but gives you months of wrinkle-free skin.

We always use high quality anti wrinkle injections and products

We have an excellent reputation for providing wrinkle injections Melbourne-wide and it’s all down to the quality of our treatments. While we always use the best high-quality products when we carry out injections for wrinkles, Melbourne patients can be sure that we know how to administer them properly too.

It’s an affordable treatment that’s suitable for almost everyone, and will not only give you beautiful line-free skin now, but is widely viewed as a way to prevent your wrinkles from becoming deeper and more pronounced.

Wrinkle injections are the easy way to get rid of frown lines, crows feet and worry lines

By effectively relaxing the muscles to remove the wrinkles and lines, our wrinkle injections are most commonly used between the eyes, around the eyes, and across the forehead to give a brighter, and less worried or tired appearance.

Some people also opt for wrinkle injections to smooth out the vertical lines that develop over the upper lip. They’re not painful, and you’ll see the results within 3 – 5 days of treatment.

Avoid the tell-tale ‘frozen-face’ with our professional wrinkle injections in Melbourne

While we all may want to turn back the effects of time on our face, not all of us want to shout about it.

By choosing our clinic in Melbourne, wrinkle injections will subtly enhance your face, rather than leaving you with a face that doesn’t want to move at all. Using specialist techniques, we aim to lift areas of the face by altering the dynamics of various muscles to leave you looking refreshed and natural.

Book your appointment now at our Melbourne wrinkle injections clinic

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